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Pharrell Williams Wore a Mickey Mouse Band-Aid to the Time 100 Gala

Does Nelly know about this?

Pharrell Williams traded in his signature Smokey the Bear-esque Vivienne Westwood hat at Tuesday night's Time 100 Gala for another unusual statement accessory: A small Mickey Mouse Band-Aid, stuck to the left side of his chin. 

At first we were like: What's going on here? Was it a shaving mishap? Is he trying to one-up Nelly? Or is he making some kind of high-low fashion nod to Marc Jacobs? Could a Pharrell x Band-Aid collab be in the works? (Hold up–should we pitch that?)

We reached out to Williams's publicist for comment, but it took little more than some photo research to find our answer: A big ole' shining honker of blemish–not so unlike the zit stickers found in the mid-'90s classic board game Girl Talk–which the "Happy" singer proudly sported sans bandage a day prior at his Uniqlo launch (above left).  

Seems even Grammy winners aren't immune to getting a pesky pimple now and again. We can practically see the Proactiv commercials now....

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