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Puss Puss Is the Cat-Themed Fashion Magazine You've Been Waiting For

A sister publication to Cat Fancy, this is not.
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Don't you just love coming across something new that really cat-ures your interest?

On Monday, we received a press release regarding the debut of Puss Puss, a brand new print magazine about culture, fashion, music, and of course... cats!

But a sister publication to Cat Fancy, this is not. The first issue, covered by model Anja Konstantinova -- who, quite fittingly, has "MEOW" inked inside her bottom lip, along with no fewer than three other kitty-related tattoos -- features quirky illustrations, some slick looking photography, in-depth feline exploration (regarding endangered species, specialized cat breeding and the like) and interviews with creative people who just so happen to love pussy... cats.

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There's also a Kickstarter campaign currently in place to raise funding for the printing and production of issue 1, as well as content for an upcoming second issue. Explains Puss Puss's London-based creator and Royal College of Art alum Maria Joudina:

"It's a well-known fact that cats rule the Internet, and I feel that now it's time for them to cross over from web into print with a beautiful publication that dispels the crazy cat lady stereotype and puts them into the beautiful space where they belong."

Kickstarter pledge packages for donors include some seriously adorable feline-themed silk scarves, as well as limited edition art prints featuring illustrated versions of famous cat memes. The first issue of Puss Puss is slated to ship out in June and will also be available on e-readers. Let's just say, we'll definitely be purr-chasing.