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Rita Ora Settles Superga Contract Breach

And you thought celebrity endorsements were a cakewalk.

Celebrity endorsement deals with fashion companies always sound like such good gigs. Do a campaign shoot here, get photographed wearing the product there, toss in a little tweeting and Instagram action and rake in the big bucks. Easy, right?

Well, maybe not. Rita Ora has reportedly settled a lawsuit with Superga, the sneaker brand for which she was Spring 2013 campaign star, after showing up to a nightclub last April wearing — gasp — Converse

As the Daily Mail first reported, Superga parent company GLD Group withheld the final two installments of Ora's £180,000 (roughly $250,000) payment as a result of the singer's breach of contract, which presumably stipulated that she not wear competitors' products out and about. Ora fired back, demanding her payment despite admitting that she had indeed breached her contract. 

It's unclear how exactly the two parties reconciled their disagreement out of court. A representative for Superga did not respond immediately to request for comment.

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Needless to say, Ora is no longer the face of Superga — that honor now falls to Suki Waterhouse. Let this be a lesson to all future campaign stars about the risks of wearing the wrong brand's clothes (or sneakers).