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Rouge Bunny Rouge: A Rabbit-Themed Makeup Line You Need to Know About

It's a fairy tale for your face.

Easter week seems like the right time to introduce you to a cosmetics line that uses an adorable bunny logo. While I generally can't use the word "darling" in any serious way without eliciting a gag reflex, it's really pretty appropriate when it comes to Rouge Bunny Rouge.

Creative Director Alexandra de Montfort, who used to work for Yohji Yamamoto and Max Mara, founded the line in Moscow in 2006. She and the brand are now UK-based, and the range just launched broadly (it was available a few years ago on Beautyhabit) here in the U.S. Rouge Bunny Rouge is marketed around a fictional backstory about a princess and a red rabbit, and everything from the color names to the imagery reflects that. Here's how the brand talks about itself:

"Vapours of stardust surmount the walls of a formidable palace to bestow dreams on the sleeping Princess Rouge cocooned within. At the gateway of reality and imagination, a gamboling bunny full of mystery provides the key to set a host of secrets free. Together they step into the Enchanted Garden, a fantasy realm of playful sophistication with whispering dark intentions, where flora, fauna and creatures of uncertain etymology are engaged in endearing fairy-tales. "

You get the idea. 

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The fairy tale theme is carried out in the packaging, which is downright whimsical, featuring line drawings of various plants and critters. But it’s not all smoke and mirrors: The products deliver. Some standouts include the Loose Glitter Pigments, which are incredibly fine-milled and feel like a creamy shadow when you apply with the sponge-tip applicator, and the Devilish Nectar Lip Potion, a glossy formula infused with chili and cardamom to plump up your lips. The skin primer is fantastic, and there’s even an eye gloss. There are multiple fragrances, but the brand needs to beef up its foundation offerings. The two separate formulas only come in four and five different shades, respectively.

Prices range from $24 for an eye pencil to $129 for fragrance. You can order it on Rouge Bunny Rouge’s website or at Anthropologie.

Now get hopping. 

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