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You Can Shop Everything From Sky Ferreira's New Music Video

Shopping directly from music videos is still a novel concept -- one that may soon be commonplace.

A lot of advanced planning went into controversial pop singer/fashion 'It girl' Sky Ferreira's latest music video for her single, "I Blame Myself." Given that Ferreira seems to spend as much time modeling clothes as she does singing, the video fittingly has a fashion angle: Everything she wears in it is available to purchase immediately, the result of a collaboration between e-commerce site Ssense and new fashion magazine System.

The video, which hit Tuesday (watch it here), is the first in what will be a bi-weekly series of videos that both parties have teamed up on to meld content and commerce. However, it's not Ssense's first rodeo: In 2012, the shopping platform released the world's first interactive shoppable music video, starring Iggy Azalea. Unlike the Iggy video, Ferreira's will not be shoppable through the video itself, however -- you have to click through to shop from a product page (which is, frankly, not as cool.)

What is cool is the clothing used in Ferreira's video, styled by Ian Bradley. It has an upscale grunge vibe -- think Saint Laurent (of course), Simone Rocha and Givenchy.

While that aesthetic might sound predictable of Ferreira, the video's setting is not: It takes place in Compton and sees her gallivanting around with some very thuggish-looking characters. She also gets arrested. "People always ask me questions about certain things and this is kind of like my response," she says in a behind-the-scenes video, which you can watch below. "I think actions speak louder than words."

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