Kim Kardashian Meets an Anti-Selfie Elephant, the CFDA Releases a Book, Karlie Kloss Rollerskates for Frame Denim

And Uniqlo's chief marketing officer says your personal style isn't as unique as you thought.
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Karlie Kloss fronts Frame Denim's latest ad campaign in an all-white ensemble of what appears to be a leotard, bell bottoms and roller skates. You must be a six-foot-tall model to go on this ride, people. {Fashion Gone Rogue}

Here's the Kim-Kardashian-getting-attacked-by-an-elephant-while-taking-a-selfie picture you've always wanted to see. {US Weekly}

We're taught to believe that we're all individual snowflakes, but it turns out that might not be true, especially when it comes to personal style. Just ask Uniqlo's new CMO. {Business of Fashion}

According to Net-a-Porter, slip-on sneakers are this season's #1 seller. Take that, heels. {Business of Fashion}

Lazy Oaf's summer lookbook is here, and it's all kinds of good, in a seriously '90s throwback kind of way. Did someone say days of the week underwear? {Nylon}

The CFDA will be releasing a book later this month that's an anthology of designers' musings. Expect words of wisdom from the likes of Donna Karan, Zac Posen and Ralph Lauren. {WWD}

Lyndsey Scott, the model who became famous for admitting that she (gasp! Nerd alert!) codes, looks springy and pretty on the cover of ASOS magazine. {Daily Mail}

Grazia created a fake Kate Moss Instagram account for April Fools' Day. Nice try -- we all know Moss is too cool for Valencia-hued selfies. {Grazia}

Abbey Lee Kershaw has been cast in a second movie, "Gods of Egypt," even before her first flick has made it out of post-production. {IF}

On this, the 15th anniversary of what may be the greatest movie of the last 20 years -- or at the very least, the greatest Shakespeare remake -- we give you a "10 Things I Hate About You" makeup tutorial. {Huffington Post}

"Platee," the opera starring a character dressed as Karl Lagerfeld, is in New York for one night this week, and the Karl-alike isn't the only fashion-inspired performer in the show. {Reuters}