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An Exhaustive Guide to Taylor Swift's Fashion BFFs

There are lots of musicians who date models. It's kind of a time-honored tradition at this point. But not Taylor Swift -- she just wants to be friends with them!
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There are lots of musicians who date models. It's kind of a time-honored tradition at this point. But not Taylor Swift -- she just wants to be friends with them!

Over the past several months, Swift (who's undeniably modelesque herself), 24, has made mates with fashion person after fashion person, each more willowy and Wintour-approved than the last. From taking super cute scenic road trips to adorably crashing the homes of ambassadors abroad, Swift and Co. always seem to have the BEST TIME EVER! without so much as smudging their perfectly applied red lipstick.

Without further ado, I present you with an exhaustive guide to Taylor Swift's best fashion friends.

Karlie Kloss, model

Age: 21

Known for: Appearing in Vogue on a monthly basis, having her ribs retouched, getting a haircut named after her, wearing a Native American lingerie costume at the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Swifty-est Pastimes: PG-touching Taylor Swift during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, uttering the phrase "She and I need to be best friends!" in regards to Taylor Swift, taking the "best road trip ever" through Northern California (and having an undisclosed person document whole thing), inspiring Taylor Swift's new haircut, walking to lunch in NYC and giggling about boys (probably), generally looking like Taylor Swift.

Tavi Gevinson, editor

Age: 17

Known for: Style Rookie, Rookie, sitting front row at Fashion Week at 11, starring in a movie and Broadway play before age 18, being a total boss -- literally.

Swifty-est Pastimes: Paddle boarding in Rhode Island while wearing retro-style swimsuits, Instagramming Taylor Swift's cat Meredith, nervously confessing to Taylor Swift,"Your music means a lot to me!," penning a 4,000 word essay about her adoration of Taylor Swift.

Lily Aldridge, model

Age: 28

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Known for: Victoria's Secret, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, being married to that guy from Kings of Leon.

Swifty-est Pastimes: Holding hands with Taylor Swift during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, living in Nashville, appearing in multiple Polaroids with Swift captioned "Best Friends Forever," having a girls'-day-out in NYC with Taylor Swift, hanging out with someone several years younger than herself.

Cara Delevingne

Age: 21, model

Known for: Partying, having incredible eyebrows, being Karl's favorite, maybe dating Harry Styles, definitely making out with Michelle Rodriguez on vaca, carrying small baggies of suspicious-looking white powder, partying.

Swifty-est Pastimes: Touching Taylor Swift's bottom at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, singing with Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeren at the U.S. Ambassador to London's house, posing like George Washington with Taylor Swift, totally talking to Taylor Swift about Harry Styles, recording videos of Taylor Swift getting a haircut, having a "day of fun" in NYC with Taylor Swift.

***Bonus***: Lorde, musician (albeit a fashion crowd favorite.)

Age: 17

Known for: "Royals," having terrific hair, dipping her fingers in black stuff, defending her acne.

Swifty-est Pastimes: Receiving flowers sent by Taylor Swift, being tightlipped about her friendship with Taylor Swift, waiting in line at Shake Shack and not being mad because it's all part of the experience isn't it, shopping at Free People and Rag & Bone with Taylor Swift and bumping into Kiernan Shipka, holding a sparkler at Taylor Swift's birthday party, walking barefoot in the sand on a Saturday.

UPDATE: Kate Upton, model

Age: 22

Known for: Covering Sports Illustrated and Vogue, doing the Cat Daddy, "acting"

Swifty-est Pasttimes: Upton is a new addition to the Swift Stable, but they kicked off their friendship with a bang. Sitting front row at a Knicks game is the new public symbol of celebrity BFF-ship.