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Tyler's Ripped Denim Skirt

My lack of warm weather clothing brings shame upon my house. Here's how I plan to fix that.

Now that spring is here (oh please God don't leave again spring this is going really well for us), I've been forced to realize that I'm completely unequipped for warmer weather.

This is a problem, because it brings shame on my house: I come from Florida, where 70 degrees is deemed "sweater weather" by the locals and down coats are as foreign as good sense seems to be (zing!).

For some reason, I've lost interest in my standard dark wash denim, and am now finding light washes a refreshing update to my wardrobe. I like the shape of this skirt -- there's something prim and proper about it, but the destructed details keep it from being too school marm-y.

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Plus, I saw Rihanna wearing something like this once, and if anyone can make something look bad as hell, it's Rih.

Current/Elliot denim skirt, $220, available at Net a Porter.

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