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How to Make Your Nail Polish Look Like Watercolor Paint

Nail art for the Bob Ross lover in all of us.

I've pretty much given up on nail art at this point. Where once I was keen to decorate my digits with anything small enough to stick, I now generally reject anything with a fancy texture or finish other than smooth and shiny. Maybe being boring secretly suits me.

But this YouTube tutorial by MissJenFABULOUS (I prefer to imagine that the 'fabulous' is italicized and ending in an exclamation) for watercolor-style nails looked so pretty and easy and creative, I had to try it. Note: You may want to start the video around the 1:15 to avoid some not-entirely relevant banter.

So here's the scoop. You'll need a clear topcoat and four nail polish colors: White for the base, and three watercolor-y shades for the top -- pastels are preferable. In my case, I chose Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in White On, Deborah Lippmann in Build Me Up Buttercup (pale yellow), Essie in Bond With Whomever (lilac), and Essie in Fashion Playground (mint green). You also need some nail polish remover and a clear plastic bag. I used one that previously held my lunch. Yay, recycling!

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Paint your nails with the white. Once that's dry, blob on some dots of the colors. Overlapping a bit is encouraged. While the blobs are still wet, smush the nail with the plastic bag until the colors are spread out across your nail. Repeat on your other nails. Once the paint has dried, clean off around the nails with remover and finish with a topcoat.  THAT'S IT! 

You can see what mine turned out like below. For a first attempt, I'm pretty pleased with my results.