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Yahoo Lures in 'Allure' Executive Editor

Susan Kittenplan, who will run Yahoo's editorial strategy, tells us what to expect from the site's new "digital magazines."

In the midst of all the excitement over Yahoo's recent hiring of Elle's Joe Zee and Bobbi Brown to head up its new fashion and beauty verticals, respectively, another fashion world hire seems to have slipped under the radar. Susan Kittenplan, a Condé Nast vet who was most recently the executive editor of Allure, has also moved over to Yahoo, where she has been quietly putting down roots as its executive editor of media initiatives since March 31. 

What does that mean? A Yahoo rep tells us that Kittenplan will be managing editorial strategy, which involves working with Yahoo's editors to develop its new "digital magazines" and "interactive features in photography, social content and native advertising."

When it comes to the fashion and beauty verticals specifically, Kittenplan tells us that Yahoo is striving for a reader experience similar to that of a traditional fashion magazine.

"We view our digital magazines like your favorite glossies for the digital world that marry the elegant design and bold imagery of traditional magazines with immersive bite-sized stories, engaging videos, and memorable photos curated from Flickr and across the web anchored by distinctive editorial voices," she writes in an e-mail.

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It sounds like Marissa Mayer is focused on hires, like Zee and Brown, that lend credibility and industry experience to Yahoo's lifestyle verticals. Kittenplan has worked at numerous fashion titles, including GQ, Glamour, Vanity Fair and Harper's Bazaar, so it's safe to say she gets print editorial.