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Zosia Mamet and Zoe Kazan Star In the World's Prettiest Zombie Flick

Honor immortalized its Spring 2014 collection (and Zosia Mamet's long hair) in a dark but super girly fashion film.

If the season finale of "Girls" left you bereft of close-up shots of Zosia Mamet looking stressed out and forlorn, get excited. New York-based brand Honor got the actress (and burgeoning style star) to appear in a short film for its Spring 2014 collection along with actress Zoe Kazan, and oh is it melancholic. An amalgam of "The Virgin Suicides," "Marie Antoinette" and "Amelie," the film tackles issues of life, death and Pinterest-worthy baked goods.

A lot transpires in six minutes: Zosia Mamet grieves for a recently deceased friend (Kazan), decorates her grave with streamers and balloons, and then a bunch of dead girls rise from the ground — flowers blooming out of their eyes and mouths (terrifying) — and they eat slabs of cake together, just like best friends do. In the morning they return to their graves, still wearing designer Giovanna Randall's ultra-feminine pastel dresses styled to perfection by Leith Clark, which makes sense, because the whole thing is very Lula. Or should we say, Violet.

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