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You Can Print Your Instagrams On Adidas Sneakers This Summer

Because the one thing missing from our wardrobes is Valencia-hued kicks.

After capturing the hearts of the sporty and fashion-minded with the reissue of its Stan Smith sneaker, Adidas is continuing to ride the zeitgeist with — wait for it — customizable shoes printed with your favorite Instagram photos. Yes. All of those thoughtfully-filtered images you captured can now be a part of your wardrobe, IRL. 

Adidas is being pretty tight-lipped about the project, but here's what we do know: Come August, the brand will be releasing an iOS and Android app on which shoppers can customize and purchase pairs of Insta-printed ZX Flux sneakers. An Adidas rep couldn't confirm for us how long the promotion will be available for or what the price point will be, nor could she say how exactly the app will work.

So many questions! But for now, we advise putting some time and effort into upping your Instagram game. These snaps are going on your feet in a few month's time, you know.

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