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Alexa Chung Has A New Nail Collab And There Is Kale Involved

We have so many questions.

Alexa Chung is on fire with the beauty collaborations right now. We have learned via some light Instagram sleuthing that the British style star has now designed a collection of "texture-based" nail polish shades for London-based Nails Inc. 

A representative for Nails Inc. did not immediately respond to our request for comment, so details are few and far between. What we do know is that:

1) The six nail polish shades are all fabric-inspired, with names like "Alexa Cashmere" (a nude, beige-y color), "Alexa Lace" (bright pinkish red) and "Alexa Sequin" (a sparkly gold and black situation). 

2) The line features a brand spankin' new bottle designed by Fabien Baron, the French art director and Interview editorial director. 

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3) The range is due out in August.

4) Chung is also the face of a new Nails Inc. polish called "NAILKALE," also coming soon, and she's lying on a bed of kale, clutching a giant bottle of the stuff, in the advertisement.

That last point is the most mysterious of all. Kale is not a fabric. Nor is it, to our knowledge, something that one could use as an ingredient in nail polish. It's a little hard to tell if the polish's shade is, in fact, the hue of a dark leafy green, but we're not ruling that explanation out. Or are Chung and Nails Inc. just punking us? Are they??

Because it would be working.

UPDATE: On Wednesday, WWD confirmed that Chung will be the new face of Nails Inc. for the brand's 15th anniversary. The name Nailkale is also explained: Nails Inc. will  launch a base coat formulated with the trendy vegetable this fall.