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Amanda Seyfried Is Cute as a Sparkly Button In McQueen

The perfect mix of sweet and chic.

For those unsure about how to pull off black this summer, Amanda Seyfried has presented a pretty perfect example. Step 1: Wear an Alexander McQueen minidress. Step 2: Pair said dress with a tall, strappy heel. Step 3: Board space shuttle to a planet on which humidity does not exist in order to attain (Step 4) perfectly smooth, shiny Pantene commercial hair.

Or if you're a real, normal person, maybe just settle for an embellished dress and some minimalist kicks. 

The key to Seyfried's look at Tuesday's London photocall for "A Million Ways To Die In the West" was balance: Her casual beauty look and the short hemline toned down the bling in her dress and shoes. It's sweet and cool and sophisticated all wrapped up into one package, which probably just means that Seyfried is an alien after all.

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