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Come Hear Ariel Foxman, Robbie Myers and Amy Astley at Our NYC Conference on June 27th

They'll be sharing their tips and tricks for moving up in the magazine industry.
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The editors in chief of fashion's biggest glossies have some of the most enviable positions in the industry. And none of them took exactly the same route to the top of their mastheads.

On June 27th, you'll have the opportunity to hear three of them -- InStyle's Ariel Foxman, Elle's Robbie Myers and Teen Vogue's Amy Astley -- tell their stories. Learn how Ariel Foxman survived the shuttering of his first magazine, Cargo, before becoming the editor in chief of the biggest magazine in the women's lifestyle category; how Robbie Myers got her start at Rolling Stone before working way to the top of Elle; and how Amy Astley went from being an associate editor at House and Garden to becoming the founding editor of Teen Vogue in just 12 years. They'll also be doling out career advice for aspiring editors and taking questions from the audience.

You can hear all three -- along with many of the industry's other luminaries -- at our "How I'm Making It in Fashion" conference in NYC on June 27th. Tickets can be purchased on our events website, but you'd better hurry -- our last two conferences sold out.

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