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Bobbi Brown's Grad Advice, Your Dress Size Is Changing, Katie Grand Calls Kendall Jenner A 'Giraffe'

In a good way!

Late May means famous people dressing up in robes to sling sage words of advice to graduating college students, and Bobbi Brown and Christian Louboutin were no exception. They spoke at the Fashion Institute of Technology's commencement ceremonies. Among their pro tips: Be nice to everyone and always volunteer for that crappy job that nobody else wants to do. {Teen Vogue}

Katie Grand talks styling Kendall Jenner for that Vogue Paris shoot, and according to Grand, the young model might be described as a "one of those giraffe phenomenas." Also, she has a great work ethic and an ability to shake off a night of partying that only those under the age of 20 possess. {Grazia}

Alpha sizing — grouping clothes into the categories of small, medium and large rather than on a numerical scale — is on the rise, and it might (partially) be because of stretchy clothing like yoga pants. The trend could save retailers a lot of money, since it means not having to produce so many size options. {WSJ}

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