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Cara Delevingne Says Her Eyebrows Groom Themselves

Like a cat.

TMZ candidly caught up with Cara Delevingne (joined by a silent Suki Waterhouse) on her way out of JFK airport Saturday — as the celebrity news outlet is wont to do — and got right into the hard-hitting questions, like: How do you maintain your "magnificent" eyebrows? (Eat your heart out, Barbara Walters.)

"Do you thread them? Pluck them? Wax them? The world wants to know," interrogated the faceless, nameless reporter.

"Umm... they maintain themselves," Delevingne replied thoughtfully. "They groom themselves... they're like a cat that licks her own fur." The more you know....

The model also commented on a rumor that I've personally never heard, regarding her "relationship" with Sienna Miller (who, reminder, is engaged to and has a child with actor Tom Sturridge).  

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"She's my schnoyster!" laughed CD. "We're very much schnoystering." 

And there you have it.