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Chrissy Teigen's Stoner Cooking Show Gave Her An Ulcer

The 'Sports Illustrated' model opens up about her swift descent into fast food addiction.

If you know Chrissy Teigen — and with her recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and Cosmopolitan covers, snarky Twitter account and marriage to John Legend, who doesn't? — you know that girl likes to eat. Teigen is putting that love to professional use as a judge on an MTV food competition called "Snack Off," set to premiere in July, and she took to the stage with Cosmo online editor Amy Odell at Internet Week New York on Wednesday morning to dish more details on the show.

"I don't know how dirty we can get here, but it's 'Top Chef' for stoners, kind of," Teigen explains. "You don't necessarily have all the ingredients that you would have on 'Top Chef' or 'Iron Chef,' like lobster... You're more so deconstructing a hot pocket and filling it with Cheetos." 

So did Teigen really eat all of that junk food? Yep. Six times a day, for 25 days. And she suffered mightily for it, with two ulcers — one in her esophagus ("It's the least sexy") — springing up by the time episode three rolled around. Despite having a plastic bucket on hand to, erm, dispose of the food between takes, Teigen says she wound up eating most of it, since spitting it out dispirited the young chefs.

"At one point I ate a piece of Texas toast with a canned oyster on top with cut up maraschino cherries, and that actually won the episode," Teigen says. 

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"It’s weird how addicted I started getting to this food," she added. "I’ve never felt so horrible in my life."

Does she want to host a cooking show in the future? Absolutely, she says. Just maaaaaybe not one that requires her to eat so much junk.