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COS's U.S. E-Commerce Site Is Now Live


It's all happening, guys. H&M's cooler, sleeker sister brand COS has taken its sweet time arriving on U.S. shores, but today is the day that everything changes. Yes, the brand's Stateside e-commerce site is now live. 

Until this point, U.S. fans have only had access to COS through a pop-up shop at Opening Ceremony, through OC's website or by, you know, taking a steam ship to Europe to stock up on a season's worth of minimalist separates. Of course, things are only going to get better: The launch of COS's e-commerce site comes just a few months before the arrival of its first U.S. stores in L.A. and New York, which is slated to open in the fall. 

Including the U.S., COS has local e-commerce sites in 19 countries, a rep for the brand says. 

So go, fill up your virtual shopping carts with goodies because the drought is over. First-time visitors to the site can sign up for the newsletter to receive 25% off until June 7 and there's free shipping 'til June 30. GODSPEED.

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