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10 Crosby by Derek Lam's New York Flagship Will Not Be on Crosby Street

It will be somewhere arguably even better.

Get ready for some confusing retail news: On Thursday, Derek Lam announced plans to open the inaugural retail location for its diffusion line, 10 Crosby. 10 Crosby, as you may have figured, is a real address in New York in SoHo, on Crosby Street between Grand and Howard. It used to house the company's headquarters, and a Derek Lam collection store sat next door at 12 Crosby. Lam said the girls he saw walking around that neighborhood inspired the collection. However, the store recently closed (the brand still has a flagship on Madison Avenue) and the HQ was moved to Midtown. Thus, the 10 Crosby store will not sit at 10 Crosby -- or anywhere on Crosby Street -- but will instead be located at 115 Mercer, a few blocks Northwest.

"Stemming from the in-store success of the line with our whole-sale partners in the U.S. we felt that now was the appropriate time to further extend the reach of the Derek Lam 10 Crosby line in a location that fits both the customer and brand," said Jan-Hendrik Schlottmann, CEO and Co-Founder of Derek Lam in a statement.

Indeed, 10 Crosby has grown steadily since its inception three years ago, but it's kind of a bummer that the brand no longer has ties to that actual address, and, we imagine, shoppers -- especially those who aren't from NYC -- will be confused by the discrepancy between the brand's name and the flagship's actual location. Then there's this added layer of confusion: 115 Mercer is also the address for the 3.1 Phillip Lim store. (A rep for Phillip Lim confirmed that its store will remain at 115, and clarified that 10 Crosby is in fact taking 115s right next door. That space formerly housed a resale shop.)

We've always been particularly fond of 10 Crosby's shoes and handbags -- which are just as stylish but a tad more affordable than Derek Lam's high-end accessories -- and its cool, laid back aesthetic, which is very in line with the proverbial "Downtown" customer. Plus, the spot on Mercer between Prince and Spring Street is an awesome location with even more awesome neighbors: Rag & Bone, A.P.C., Proenza Schouler, Warby Parker, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and Lim are all in close proximity. So, aside from that pesky name vs. actual location situation... we think 10 Crosby will do just fine there.

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