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Elle Fanning Wears Sleeping Beauty Shoes to Promote 'Maleficent,' Is Perfect

What a pretty little princess.

When we heard Elle Fanning would play Sleeping Beauty, aka Princess Aurora, in Disney's upcoming "Maleficent" (or "Maléfique" if you're in France), we were like, "OMG PERFECT." Because look at all that blond hair. And we bet she looks so cute while sleeping.

We haven't seen the film to determine whether she is indeed perfect in it (though we're sure she is). But she's certainly been dressing perfectly during its promotional tour. Case in point: These shoes, which weren't even made custom, but are one of Charlotte Olympia's many whimsical footwear designs. She wore them with a Valentino dress to a "Maleficent" photocall in Paris Tuesday. The Sleeping Beauty Pump is currently sold out everywhere, but we're certainly glad Elle Fanning got her hands on pair, because, well, they're perfect.

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