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Emma Stone's Hair Stylist Tells Us How To Get Her 'Effed Up' Met Gala Braid

Bonus: How to recreate her glowy cheeks and pink pucker, too, so that your transformation into Emma Stone can be complete.

Emma Stone won the red carpet at the Met Gala Monday night, at least if the Fashionista editors have anything to say about it. Her colorblocked Thakoon dress was perfect on her, but it was really that messy side braid that had us all swooning and stalking pictures of her on Twitter and Instagram. 

I hopped on the phone with Mara Roszak, Stone's longtime hair stylist, to get the scoop on how to recreate the look. The good news? She gave me every single detail, including how she hid Stone's new bangs. The bad news? While the style may look easy and effortless, it's actually kind of tricky.  (You can do it, though. I'm even giving you a YouTube video to help!)

Fashionista: So please tell me everything.

Mara Roszak: This look was really all about texture. I didn’t use a curling iron. I barely used a blow dryer. It was really about product, lots of texturizing product. [I used] L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Boost It High Lift Creation Spray all over her roots because I wanted that root volume. On the midlengths and ends I sprayed L’Oréal  Paris Advanced Hairstyle TXT It Tousle Waves Spray, a ton of it. 

What happened to her new bangs?

I  wanted her bangs to be off her face. The "Spider-Man" premiere in New York was the big premiere and it got a lot of coverage. Her bangs were fresh and down in her face. Tonight I wanted to do something different and for it to really feel open and kind of sexy and cool. We haven’t done too many braids and we definitely haven’t done a braid like this.  It was really about building up as much texture and volume into her hair as possible. 

How did you get the bangs to stay back?

When her hair was drying --not sopping wet-- after I sprayed the product in her hair, I brushed them off her face. I don’t apply product to dripping wet hair. Then I wrapped her bangs around my fingers and pinned them so they were set drying off her face. Hair has memory from wet to dry, so if you set the hair in a form before it dries, it will have the memory and it will stay back for the most part. Plus, hairspray helps! I 95 percent air-dried the bangs and then for the rest, I took a dryer to finish drying the bangs and used my fingers to break it apart. 

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And how did you do the braid?

 I went in and backcombed to give the hair a little more volume and a little bit of foundation for what I was about to do styling-wise. I started from the left side right above her ear and I started to twist the hair.  It’s all about a messy, effortless feel. Pieces were falling out. It wasn’t about it being perfect. It was about it being a little bit effed up, please excuse my language! I stopped [twisting] mid-back of the head and pinned the twists in place. Then I went into my braid. It might look like a basic three-strand braid, but what I actually did is a five-strand braid, which is complicated. Unless you watch a YouTube tutorial, it’s a little bit hard to grasp. Basically you have five strands and you have to repeat to yourself, “over, under, over, under.”  What you do is take your far left strand and put it over the second strand and under the third strand. Then you stop. And then you go to the right side over and under. It’s a little bit complicated. Just watch it once or twice and you can get it. It took me a minute too! [Ed. Note: Watch this video on five-strand braiding. It has over 11 million views, so presumably someone figured it out.]  It gives it a little bit of a woven feel. I secured it at the bottom with a clear elastic and took a piece of hair then wrapped it around the elastic with small bobby pins to hold it. Then I used like a bottle of Elnett hairspray and that was it! 

To continue the "easy and effortless" beauty theme, makeup artist Rachel Goodwin kept it simple. And yes, this part is easy to copy. 

"I really wanted it to be fresh, easy, glamorous, but a relaxed glamour. Not overdone or competing with the color of the dress," Goodwin said. "I used all creams, no powders. Everything was very soft and luminous. I used all beiges and bronzes to get this glowing, just-back-from-vacation glamour. I wanted all the colors to be harmonious and soft and not compete with the pink of the dress."

Here are the products:

Cheeks: Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminator in Peach Light

Lips: Chanel Aqua Crayon Lip Color Stick in RosewoodRevlon ColorBurst Balm Stain in Cherish

Got it all? Now please report back on your attempts at Emma replication.