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Fashion #Fitspo: Work Your Arms and Abs Without Ever Leaving the Floor

Because you can't wear an oversized, shapeless sweater anymore.

Fitness is definitely having a moment in fashion. Since many of us here at Fashionista are also fitness buffs, this suits us just fine. Every Friday all summer long we'll be featuring different trainers who will showcase their signature workout moves via GIF. Best of all, we're dressing them in some of our favorite activewear brands -- both well-known and up-and-coming -- to provide a double dose of inspiration. Welcome to Fashion #Fitspo

The studio: Flex Studios NYC, where Alessandra Ambrosio works out regularly, offers pilates, TRX and barre classes. Signature classes featuring 30 minutes of pilates plus 30 minutes of a second modality sell out quickly. The classes are safe on joints and low impact, but you will definitely know you've had a workout. The first time I did a 60-minute reformer pilates class, I could not walk nor place my thighs together without great anguish.  

The trainer/model: Claire Gould is a trainer at the studio and teaches a popular TRX class. (Alyssa is her biggest fan.) 

The moves: Since it's the season of bare arms and bare abs, here are three moves all designed to target these two areas at the same time. If you perform all three in succession -- try three sets of 10 -- you'll work your triceps, shoulders, biceps, obliques and core. 

Plank Walk

• Start in a classic plank position with your wrists directly under your shoulders and your belly button drawn in. It should stay that way throughout the entire move.

• Drop down onto your forearms one side at a time. 

• Push back up from your forearms to your hands one side at a time. Keep your hips as even as possible throughout the move. 

Plank Knee Pulls

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• Start in the same position as the plank walk and hold it.

• Pull one knee into the same side's elbow while holding your plank steady. Concentrate on using your oblique muscles to pull your leg in.

Plank Triceps Push-Up: 

• This is the most challenging of the three moves. Begin in the same starting position as the first two, pulling your belly button in.

• Keep your elbows alongside your rib cage throughout the whole move. Your elbows should be pointing backwards.

• Bend at the elbows while keeping the rest of your body straight. 

Modified Plank Triceps Push-Up:

•If you need to modify, drop to your knees, while keeping a straight line from your head to your legs.  Proceed as above. 

The clothes: Gould is wearing pieces from Lorna Jane, an Australian-based fitness brand that recently launched in the U.S. Specifically, she's wearing: Ellenora Bra, $65.99; LJ Reversible 7/8 Tight in Shocking Pink, $96.99; Speed Excel Tank, $59.99.

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