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Standout Looks from FIT's Future of Fashion Runway Show

The Fashion Institute of Technology held its annual runway show for graduating BFA students, which followed months of mentoring and judging by the likes of Rebecca Minkoff and BryanBoy.
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Late last week, FIT held its annual Future of Fashion Runway Show, and before Alexa Chung gave her lovely introduction, the audience was treated to a video documenting the students, critics and mentors throughout the process that led up to the event.

In it, FIT alum Joe Zee said something about how fashion school is the one opportunity students get to freely express themselves, since most fashion design jobs force you to into some sort of commercial box. And express themselves they did, though I was impressed by how few "Project Runway" vibes I got: Many of the looks were impressively wearable and well-constructed. Of course, this was the cream of the Class of 2014 crop we were seeing.

Each graduating BFA student who showed had spent his or her final semester meeting with a designated group of mentors/critics, including Rebecca Minkoff and Daniel Vosovic, who helped with sketching, fabric choice and picking the final looks. "It brought me back," Minkoff, who used to take classes at FIT, told us before the show. "It was a really interesting experience because these kids have such strong minds of their own and such a confidence in themselves that was refreshing."

Then, their final looks were voted on by a panel of judges -- Bryan Grey Yambao (BryanBoy), Kate Betts and Lilliana Vazquez among them. "There are a number of standouts. Some of the kids had really strong visions, I'm really impressed by some of their work," said Yambao. But when asked if he felt there were any future stars in the bunch, he made a great point: "They have to have a sense of business in order to succeed in this industry. At the end of the day, if you have a vision, if you have a sense of business you can go anywhere in fashion."

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Photos: Paul Porter, BFA NYC