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Forever 21 to Open Shop With $2 Tank Tops and $8 Jeans

Disposable fast fashion just got more disposable.

J.Crew might not be launching a lower-priced store concept just yet, but ever-expanding Forever 21 is.

As anyone who's ever shopped at a Forever 21 likely knows, the prices are already quite low. But not low enough, evidently. This Saturday, the retailer will debut "F21 Red" in South Gate, Calif. The enormous, 18,000-square-foot shop promises a large selection of merchandise with exceptionally low entry price points, including -- get ready -- $1.80 camisoles, $3.80 t-shirts and $7.80 pairs of jeans. Yep, you can get a pair of jeans for less than it costs to get a smoothie at Organic Avenue.

“With F21 Red we are able to deliver greater quantities of the styles our customers seek, while maintaining the value with entry-level category price points Forever 21 is known for offering,” said Don Chang, Forever 21 founder and CEO, in a statement.

At the store opening Saturday, the first 100 guests will get a $10 gift card, which could practically buy you a whole wardrobe at this place.

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Of course, Forever 21, like so many fast-fashion chains, has faced its fair share of labor complaints for alleged unsafe working conditions in both its stores and its factories. We can't help but wonder what kind of conditions and wages made under-$2 shirts possible, not to mention the large quantities of waste those garments will create when they inevitably deteriorate much faster than something of decent quality would.

Chances are it'll work out for Forever 21, though -- and give those ailing teen retailers even more competition.