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'Game of Thrones' Fashion Recap: A Look at Daenerys's Sexy Dress

Daenerys gets lucky in a new dress. Lysa? Not so much.

Welcome to our weekly series, “Fashion of the Realm,” which we’ll present every Monday after a new episode of "Game of Thrones" airs. Expect fashion recaps, interviews, plenty of pictures, and deep dives into the unique style — both on and off set — on everyone’s favorite bloody, naked show. (Until the characters get killed off, anyway.) Spoilers.

There were so many good plot moments in last night’s episode of "Game of Thrones." The weirdly heartwarming yet bloodthirsty relationship between Arya and the Hound; Daario and Daenerys finally acting on their sexual chemistry; and Cersei flirting with a shirtless Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane. But there was only one real wardrobe "moment," and it was the one I’ve been waiting for since Khaleesi married Khal Drogo: Daenerys got a sexy new dress.

Come see:

Daenerys has literally let her hair down (see last episode) and also decided to flaunt her abs. (I’ve heard horseback riding is actually a surprisingly good core workout.) You can really see the scale detailing that costume designer Michele Clapton has been sneakily adding to all of Daenerys’ costumes since she became the Mother of Dragons. But please, Khaleesi. Wear some sunscreen in that hot desert town or you’re going to have some weird ass tan lines.

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Daario is so grungy and dirty and perfect. Also, when are fish hook neckerchiefs going to catch on for men?

Gregor Clegane probably single handedly keeps the King's Landing “Big and Tall” store in business. Well, for pants at least...

Speaking of pants: Bronn is now officially too fancy-pants to fight for Tyrion.

Sansa has glorious hair here, and a large cloak really suits her. However, I need a Daenerys dress moment from her. Soon. 

I would hate to go to my death wearing a gown that looks like a tablecloth from Anthropologie. Alas for you, Lysa