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'Game of Thrones' Fashion Recap: Dark Days

Boob armor, interesting facial hair, Daenerys's renewed commitment to white pleats and a whole lotta darkness.

Welcome to our weekly series, “Fashion of the Realm,” which we’ll present every Monday after a new episode of "Game of Thrones" airs. Expect fashion recaps, interviews, plenty of pictures, and deep dives into the unique style — both on and off set — on everyone’s favorite bloody, naked show. (Until the characters get killed off, anyway.) Spoilers.

"Game of Thrones" is by no means an optimistic show, but last night it sunk to levels of darkness and cynicism so deep that I may never recover. The fashion reflected the mood perfectly, too. Daenerys was confronted with the hard decisions required by a ruler, Cersei and Tyrion faced off in court to decide his fate, and Shae...well, all I have to say is WTF, Shae? Read on to see how the fashion mirrored the mood, with one bright exception. 

Cersei: When  trying to get your brother convicted of regicide, it's probably best not to dress too flamboyantly. While Cersei is not one to bust out a floaty gown, this is definitely one of her stuffier looks. Love the hair twists, though, which we first saw at the Purple Wedding. Love

Jaime: Jaime looks dashing in head-to-toe golden armor. He should really grow a pair to match his imposing look, though. Help your brother and stop being such a d*ckhead, Jaime. 

Tyrion: OK, Tyrion isn't quite convicted yet (that whole "trial by combat" thing worked out well for him at the Eyrie), but he really looks like he could use a massage. Poor Tyrion. Great curl pattern in his hair, though. 

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Shae: Shae's usual light-as-a-feather, translucent gown is gone in favor of this drab, skin-toned dress, which perfectly matches her lying, betraying, sallow complexion. I hate you, Shae. 

Margaery: Margaery wisely decides to put the cleavage-baring gowns away and not draw any attention to herself. This is the most covered-up I've ever seen her. It looks like she raided Cersei's closet. Actually, maybe she did. They seem to be in cahoots lately. 

Oberyn: The one light — and bright — note in an otherwise bleak episode. Also: why have I never noticed his facial hair situation? It's like a hairy frame around his handsome square jaw. 

Varys: What is Varys always hiding in his voluminous sleeves? His iPhone? 

Daenerys: Nothing says you're finally ready to get off the horse and stop conquering like a white pleated skirt and long flowing locks. #highmaintenance

Yara: There are some days when I really wish I had some good boob armor.