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Garance Doré and Bonpoint Confirm That Even French Children Are Cooler Than You

Ah, youth!

As if we needed further proof that French people are better at everything than Americans, Garance Doré and Bonpoint teamed up on a short video to celebrate the Parisian children's brand's new SoHo store opening. And boy, does it make you wish you were a French child. 

In true Garance-ian style, the whole thing is exceptionally charming, with a gaggle of chic kids doing chic kid things like blowing bubbles, hula hooping and tossing around glitter. It's all set to the sounds of some woman singing an endless stream of "ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-baa"s. We imagine that it is Garance herself. 

Honestly, our obsession with this adorable video may border on creepy, but we don't really care. It's pure joy -- not to mention inspiring, as in, some of us may now be going home to experiment with dry hair wax in an effort to recreate the girls' ridiculously good hair texture. Not creepy at all.

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Anyway. Watch and prepare to regret every awkward photo from your own youth, friends.