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Jason Wu's Supermodel Doll Dreams, Beyonce's Extreme New 'Do, Ass 'Facials' Exist

...and Jared Leto had ombre hair way back in '03, suckaz!

This would be EPIC. Jason Wu's no stranger to designing clothes for dolls (he started out his career doing just that), but his fantasy miniature creation extends far beyond the Barbie Dream House: Think supermodels, only, well... way smaller. {The Cut}

It's been a while since we heard a new track from Puff Daddy (or whatever the kids are calling him these days...), but the radio absence doesn't seem to be hurting the hip hop mogul's career. The 44-year-old rapper, also known as Sean Combs, is aiming to reach the $1 billion mark with his Sean John clothing brand -- and is now the subject of an entire NYU course that teaches students about his "brilliance, tragedy and strategy." {WWD}

Holy hair, Bey! Beyonce's newest 'do is blonde, braided and long. Like, down to her thighs-long. {Beyonce Legion via ONTD}

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