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Jennifer Lawrence Spills Her Hair Growth 'Secret' to Jimmy Fallon

We'll give you one guess.

It's become clear that Jennifer Lawrence has a love-hate relationship with the Internet — well, sometimes it seems like more of a hate-hate one — and she wasted no time addressing the blogosphere's latest chatter on "The Tonight Show" on Thursday.

The actress, who's busy promoting her new "X-Men" film, entered the talk show wearing a fringe of blonde hair as a beard. She explained, "Well, everybody's talking about how Jennifer Lawrence is growing her hair out a little bit, so I decided to grow my chin out a little bit — Hollywood style." Fallon caught on quickly (as usual), and when he pointed out that her newly long hair was thanks to extensions and not superhuman, rapid growth, Lawrence confirmed, "It's all fake!" Can't say we didn't expect that one.

Lawrence was her usual charming self and looked fantastic in a halter dress by Victoria Beckham. Watch her hilarious interview above, and then stick around to watch her play a rousing game of "Box of Lies" with Fallon. And no, none of the boxes are filled with a pile of hair extensions.

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