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The Secret Behind Joan Smalls' Violet Lips at the Met Gala

Navy eyeliner was involved.

Few beauty looks at Monday night's Met Gala made the impact that Joan Smalls' violet pucker did. The dark, unusual shade really popped against her Vera Wang gown and stood out amongst the sea of nude lips on the red carpet.

Online spectators virtually gasped in shock and awe, and while there were some detractors, reactions were generally positive. Still, we all wondered: What exactly is Joan wearing on her lips?

We hopped on email last night with Smalls' makeup artist, Sir John (fun fact: he is also Beyonce's sometime makeup artist), who was kind enough to give us some information.  "Navy eyeliner mixed with pink and magenta lipstick. All from Estée Lauder," Sir John said via his PR rep. (Smalls is a face of the cosmetics brand.)  Details on specific products were not immediately available (we'll update once we know more). But the model herself did dish on the look on the red carpet.

Smalls told Eliza, our intrepid reporter, that she wanted an unconventional shade that would pop against her neutral dress. She also told Cosmopolitan,  "I knew [my] dress was going to be edgy. And it’s the Met, so why not!"

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Why not, indeed. We think she singlehandedly replaced radiant orchid as the color of the season. Now, start rummaging around in your makeup bin for that navy eyeliner.