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Kanye West Staring Lovingly at Kim Kardashian's Boobs: A Retrospective

Don't think we didn't see you, Mr. West!

We've already talked at length about the Met Gala's biggest red carpet hits and misses, but one major element we haven't discussed is all of the gorgeous couples who arrived at the ball arm in arm. From Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen's general perfection to Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson's usual display of adorableness, we were living for the white tie love fests.

Soon-to-be newlyweds (or, if you believe everything you read on the Internet, already newlyweds) Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went for a "fashionably late" arrival on the carpet, but they were among our favorites of the night. Their post-Vogue cover glow definitely hasn't worn off, and they did a great job adhering to the theme: Kardashian chose a well-fitted Lanvin gown, and West—one of the few men we noticed who actually wore tails—was dressed by Alber Elbaz as well.

West's favorite part of Kardashian's ensemble? Well, from the looks of it, her boobs. Seriously, he couldn't keep his eyes off of them. Which, come to think of it, is often the case in the couple's photos together.

We've always noticed how lovingly West looks at his fiancé (so sweet!), but sometimes, he can't quite help himself from sneaking a peek at her curves—not that we can blame him. From the front row at a fashion show to walking the streets of Paris, we rounded up the best times West was caught in the act.  

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And hey, Kanye: Our eyes are up here.

All photos: Getty Images