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Karl Lagerfeld Has Never Liked People His Own Age

He found children "dreadful" back when he was one.

It's difficult to imagine that Karl Lagerfeld was once a child. But recently, he admitted that he was -- though it doesn't sound like he particularly enjoyed it -- a fact we're somehow not the least bit surprised by.

For one, as a young boy growing up in Germany, he hated the clothes. "I've always found short trousers degrading - they're for dumb boys," he told, via Yahoo.

He also hated the people. "I didn't play with other children, I thought they were dreadful. The only thing I did was read, learn languages and sketch. As a child I only had one wish: to be grown up. Now I don't find that important anymore."

The irony! To top it off, now that Lagerfeld is an adult, he apparently no longer cares for other adults. "I don't know anyone from my generation. I find those people terrible." Lagerfeld is particularly irked by people who complain about aging or feeling tired. "It's a question of energy. You need enthusiasm for what you do. And an environment where people aren't talking about illness or aging," he said. Surely, that's not a common conversation topic for his 21-year-old pal Cara Delevingne, or his beautiful feline companion, Choupette.  Although, he adds, "Even younger people are starting to talk about circulation problems. I have extreme self discipline, which I can barely call self discipline anymore because I can't see any other way to be."

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Lagerfeld says he never feels tired, and stays sprightly by not drinking, smoking or taking drugs.

Who knew the secret to eternal youth was Diet Coke and mango slices for dinner? Lagerfeld should probably write a diet book STAT. "Kooking With Karl" does have a certain ring to it....