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KCD Is Hiring A Production Director In NYC

The Production Director reports directly to the VP, Production and acts as an integral ambassador to it's brand and clients.

Position: Production Director

Reports to: VP, Production, Campbell Bromberg

A Production Director acts as an integral ambassador to both KCD and its clients and works to bring a professional, innovative perspective and diversified skills to compliment the department and agency. They have the capacity and skill set to instill trust in clients, have strong management skills, strong interpersonal skills, knowledge base of vendors, prioritize multiple projects and have proficient budgeting and negotiating skills. Also integral is a deep respect and appreciation for the creative sensibility and the motivation to consistently attune themselves and the department to relevant resources, trends, ideas, and cultural influences. They will have the appropriate style and taste to serve as an exceptional brand ambassador for both KCD and its clients.

General Responsibilities:

· Provide support for President and Vice President, with necessary management skills for both day to day project team management and project responsibilities.

· Uphold and promote Agency brand ideals and clients within industry.

· Serve as an Agency ambassador and utilize entrepreneurial personality to assess need, develop and cultivate relationships within the industry to grow client base and expand agency reach.

· Work collaboratively to promote seamless communication and partnerships within the Agency.

· Lead a collaborative team of both external and internal resources.

· Keen understanding and relevance in industry related matters and servicing a variety of fashion brands from emerging designers to industry leaders.

· Extensive and high-level strategic ability to work with client, provide solutions and interpret/create vision for project and implement flawless execution.

· Innovative thinker. Continual research and updating on current and relevant area of design, technology, industry standards, creative vendors/talent, music, pop culture, etc.

Specific Responsibilities:

· Assist in original show and event concept development and innovative design direction.

· Site research, design and management. Set development. Technical production development and management.

· Source, recommend and manage creative talent. Consistent research and updating of new relevant resources.

· Oversee content development, management and editing where applicable.

· Manage day to day and onsite project infrastructures and operations.

· Provide a consistent, professional client experience/ manage expectations throughout relationship and provide consistent and timely communication.

· Budget development, negotiation and management.

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· Calendar and schedule development and management.

· Manage and train Production Managers

· Champion relationships with Freelancers, hire and manage Freelance staff

· Vendor management, negotiation, communication and logistical expertise.

· Manage agency records and keep all areas current; locations, vendors, talent, etc.


· Average 6-8 years of work experience in either fashion show or event production

· College degree

· Knowledge and understanding of the Fashion industry, designers, vendors and have industry credibility

· Appropriate presence and level of confidence in order to interact with clients and manage team

· Have a strong ability to work in team environment and actively engage both colleagues and clients in open communication

· Strong time management skills, ability to multitask, intelligent – this role requires managing many different areas for several clients simultaneously; does not get stressed under pressure

· Strategic and logistical thinker with the ability to approach situations from a creative solution based frame of mind

· Strong management skills and ability to lead a team while continually motivating and inspiring innovation

· Strong verbal and written communication skills

· Desire to push oneself to continually learn, expand skill base and industry knowledge

Technical Skills:

· Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

· Experience using editing software such as iphoto and Adobe Creative Suite

· Working knowledge and proficiency of CAD and InDesign

To apply, please send your resume to Melissa at with the subject line "Production Director"