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La Perla Removes Mannequin with Protruding Ribs

Who even makes these in the first place?

Michael Rudoy noticed something different about the mannequins in the La Perla window while he was out shopping in SOHO on Sunday: their ribs were protruding.

He took to Twitter to express his discontent and got Seth Matlins of Truth in Advertising involved. The two called the brand out for the shockingly thin mannequin.

La Perla was fast to react, both removing the offending mannequin from their store window (it's unclear whether there are similar mannequins in other La Perla stores) and responding with the following on Twitter:

"We have an update on this issue: The mannequin photographed has been removed from the store and will not be used again by any La Perla boutique. We are in the process of redesigning all La Perla stores with a new concept image and the mannequins that are currently displayed in our US stores will no longer be used. We appreciate and value everyone's comments, thank you for bringing this to our attention."

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This story mostly just raises the following question: Why is anyone even making mannequins with ribs like this? It doesn't add anything to the way that the clothing sits or is displayed. Let's not make protruding ribs the new thigh gap.