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Christopher Kane's Flower Sweatshirt Gets Another Celebrity Moment

Lady Edith has never looked so cool.

We are always a little weirded out when we see Laura Carmichael on the red carpet as her proclivity towards modern, fashion-forward looks is such a shocking departure from her conservative, period "Downton Abbey" garb.

But once we get over that, we generally like what she wears. And we really like what she wore on Wednesday to the launch of new concept shop, The Duke Street Emporium, in London. It's a sweatshirt and skirt from Christopher Kane's floral-themed spring 2014 collection, which, it turns out, was beloved by critics and celebrities alike. Chloe Moretz wore a similar sweater (hers reads "Petal") and a printed skirt from the collection a couple of weeks ago. The look is both offbeat and adorable -- no doubt what both ladies were going for.

If you're feeling floral yourself, you can get the sweater here, and the skirt here.

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