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Liberty Ross Received 'Guilt Money,' Tiffany's Gets Sued, Suki Waterhouse Lands a Big Film Role

And Mariah Carey wore an understated outfit to ride the subway.

British model Liberty Ross, whose now ex-husband Rupert Sanders infamously cheated on her with Kristen Stewart, reportedly received a huge chunk of "guilt money" in the divorce settlement. Go back and hit 'em up style, Rossy. {TMZ}

That acting bug's a bugger, innit? Brit It-girl and Bradley Cooper's gf Suki Waterhouse has just landed her first major movie role in "Insurgent," the upcoming sequel to this year's film adaptation of "Divergent." We're already dreaming about her premiere outfits.... {Elle UK}

Tiffany & Co. is being sued by an employee alleging the company uses racial discrimination in its hiring (and promotion) practices. The lawsuit states that one of the brand's group directors, a black man, was placed on warning for termination after being made to provide his photo to corporate.  {New York Times}

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Of course this is what Mariah Carey wears to ride the subway. {Us Weekly}

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