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Eliza's Lime Green Eyeshadow

It can work. I swear.

I've been a little obsessed with lime green eyeshadow ever since Tom Pecheux made glittery, acid-toned lids look not just pretty but somehow natural at Altuzarra's fall/winter 2014 show. So when I saw that Nars's latest collection included a duo featuring a glimmery lime and a cool lavender, I jumped. 

The color is intimidating at first. But here's the dealio: It actually goes on very sheer. I wore the lime out to dinner with a friend and texted her in advance, "I'm testing out this eyeshadow color... please be honest about it." When she checked it out, she said it just looked shimmery and not even that green at all. I was strangely disappointed that I didn't look as bizarre as expected. 

Applied dry, it's a fairly light sweep, which can be intensified with a wet brush. Dabbing a lighter concealer on your lids beforehand similarly gives the color a backdrop to pop. I'm a big fan of doing the lime all over your lid and adding a touch of lavender to the center and the inner corners of your eye. It's bright and fun, in a Tinkerbell kind of way. Manic pixie.

Disclosure: I got this palette as a tester. Thirty-five dollars is a lot to shell out on eyeshadow, but if you've got the cash, this is a worthy seasonal upgrade to your makeup bag.

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