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Dhani's Understated Low-Heeled Sandals

I already know I'm going to wear these every single day of summer.

For some reason, since about January, I have been shopping for sandals obsessively. I have already bought more pairs than I need, so I have vowed to stop after these, not just because I'm out of money, but also because I honestly don't think I can do any better sandal-wise, at least not in my price range.

They're basically the perfect sandals in my book. There's an ankle strap, which pretty much all my shoes that aren't boots or ballet flats have for some reason. There's a heel, which is crucial for height and leg elongating, but it's only two inches, so they should still be comfortable enough to walk around in all day.  And, they'll look great with everything from dresses to shorts to pants. Chances are if you see me any time between now and September, I will be wearing these.

Issa leather mini heel, $64.96, available at Sole Society

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