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Alyssa's Essential Flat Sandals

These will probably be the only shoes I wear this summer.

Every season, I struggle to find a pair of flat sandals. Sure, it sounds like an easy task, but all of the options I end up falling in love with are (shocker) pretty expensive. To make matters worse, living in New York, I normally can only wear a pair for one summer before they're completely falling apart.

Luckily, Madewell has come to my rescue (again) and these leather sandals—which come in black and tan—are exactly what I have been hunting for. Not only are they well-designed, but they also have a rubber sole for extra durability—necessary in the summer when I walk to and from work every day. And, they just look expensive. Maybe I'll buy two pairs.

The crisscross sightseer sandal, $59.50, available at Madewell.

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