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Steven Klein Shoots Katy Perry and Madonna for Summer Issue of 'V'

This is a major moment for lovers of pop music... and faux lesbianism.

It' been a hot minute since we saw Madonna writhing around with Britney Spears in the pop star's video for "Me Against the Music" -- and now, the 55-year-old music icon has teamed up with another songstress for a sexy romp. 

The summer issue of V magazine features an S&M-themed spread starring Madge and Katy Perry, marking the first time the duo has appeared together. Photographer Steven Klein, who has worked with Madonna on a number of projects throughout the years (including a series of famed editorials for W magazine) lent his signature style to the shoot, incorporating lots of bondage gear and sex appeal. (You may also recall Klein's frequent collaborations with fellow pop phenom Lady Gaga recently, including her dominatrix-esque video for "Alejandro.")

Despite Perry's claim to having kissed a girl (and liking it), this is the first time we've seen her in such a blatantly dirty context. As for Madonna? The shoot is par for the course — we're getting flashbacks to her "Justify My Love" and "Human Nature" days. And since Madge has been partnering with lots of young talent on her records lately (including Natalia Kills, Avicii and Perry's rumored new boyfriend, Diplo), could a joint track be in the works as well? We wouldn't hate it.

The issue drops on Memorial Day, but click through to see a preview of the editorial.

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