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Eliza's Graphic, One-Piece Swimsuit

It's been a long time since this editor rocked a one piece.

Of the various rites that the American female goes through en route to true ~*womanhood*~, perhaps the most underappreciated is the moment when she realizes that one-piece bathing suits are not only classier than super-skimpy bikinis, but maybe even... cool? And not even in a retro way?

Anyway, this happened to me very recently, and it's been very exciting. Of all the suits that I've found on the hunt for my #Summer2014 go-to, this graphic Mara Hoffman keeps grabbing my attention. It's graphic, youthful, a nice mix of sporty and sweet with its unfussy straps and lace-up back — PLUS it has cut-outs that look fresh rather than weird (I never came around to the whole monokini thing).

As my mother would point out, the price is kind of high for such a small piece of fabric, but it's great. Preliminary cost-benefit analysis indicates it could very well be worth it.

Mara Hoffman for Free People swimsuit, $236, available at Free People.

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