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Marc Jacobs Is Coming Out With Another Daisy Perfume

Sofia Coppola and Juergen Teller have been lined up to promote it.

When you want something to look dreamy, you call Sofia Coppola. Lucky for Marc Jacobs, then, that he and the Oscar-winning writer and director are besties (he dressed her for this year's Met Gala, and many of them before). She is set to direct the commercial to launch the brand's forthcoming fragrance, Daisy Dream.

It's not surprising that Marc Jacobs -- and its licensee, Coty -- would come out with another Daisy perfume, given the success of the original, which was released in 2007. According to a 2012 story in the Wall Street Journal, Daisy alone has tripled sales of Marc Jacobs's fragrance business.

Coppola was involved in promoting the original fragrance, most recently directing a commercial that aired in November of last year (see below). According to WWD, the fragrance is set to launch in July, and her new commercial is expected to break around then. (Let's hope there's a bit more to it than the last one.)

Coppola is not the only standby Jacobs has brought on to help launch this perfume. Juergen Teller has shot the print ads, offering further proof that their disagreement over shooting Miley Cyrus for the spring 2014 ready-to-wear campaign -- which wound up being shot by David Sims -- was but a temporary tiff. 

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