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The Best Met Ball Dresses, Forever 21 Drops Prices Even Lower, What It's Like to Be Anna Wintour's Kid

And Kanye West stares at Kim Kardashian's boobs. A lot.

Belles of the Ball: Another Met Ball has come and gone, but the most important thing still remains: Pics of all the amazing dresses. Here they are, every last one. 

Princesses on Parade: Of those Met Ball gowns, though, a number struck us as eerily familiar — reminiscent of the outfits worn by certain Disney princesses, that is. 

Missed the Mark: And then, of course, there were the (many) Met Ball outfits that in no way adhered to the super-formal Charles James theme of the night. Seriously, Cara, what were you thinking?

Suit & Tie: Despite Anna Wintour's best attempts to get men to dress to the nines at the Met Ball, only one man managed to fulfill the white tie dress code to a t. The Vogue EIC walked Seth Meyers through what every other dude did wrong.

Reincarnation: How's this for a #tbt? The crystal cross embellished sweatshirt Anna Wintour put on her first issue of Vogue has resurfaced... in swimsuit form.

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Low-Maintenance: What does Cara Delevingne do to keep her brows in place? Turns out, not that much. 

Impossible: Forever 21 has launched a new, lower priced line of clothing, with jeans going for $8 and shirts for just over a dollar. Two questions: How much does it cost to make this, and who is making it? 

Sigh: Meanwhile, J.Crew, which could stand to lower its prices somewhat, says that there are no plans in place for the launch of its forthcoming lower priced range.

Mother's Day: Bee Shaffer explains what exactly it means to be Anna Wintour's daughter and what qualities she inherited from her famous mom.

True Love: Here, a compilation of all the times that Kanye West was definitely, blatantly staring at Kim Kardashian's boobs on the red carpet, out in public, at the Met Gala, etc. etc. etc. Staring tenderly, we might add.