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Meet the Met Gala's Disney Princess Doppelgängers

They've escaped that dreaded Disney vault for one night only!

We were expecting to see a million princess-like gowns float down the red carpet at Monday night's Charles James-themed Met Gala -- but we didn't realize just how reminiscent they'd be of gowns worn by some very specific princesses. 

No, not Kate Middleton (she's a duchess, darling, remember?). We're talking of course about the monarchs who ruled over our childhoods: Disney princesses! 

Scroll through for the starlets who channeled their inner Belles, Jasmines and Cinderellas on Anna Wintour's big night

All photos: Getty

Bee Shaffer as Cinderella

Let's start with obvious. The second Anna Wintour's daughter Bee Shaffer stepped onto the carpet at the start of the night in this custom Alexander McQueen powder blue mermaid gown, we were comparing her to the glass slippered one. Shaffer's dress may not have the poufy waist effect one usually associates with Cinderella, but the OTT shiny satin and exposed white lining does the job. Also, it was sewn by singing mice.  

Katie Holmes as Belle

Have Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig been watching a lot of "Beauty and the Beast" recently? Katie Holmes showed up to the Met in what's basically Marchesa's version of the yellow gown Belle wears for the ballroom scene in the classic cartoon. The only thing saving Holmes from having a full-on Disney moment is her lack of a ponytail updo -- but if she's in a bind come Halloween, we think this'll do just fine. Plus, Suri would make a really cute Chip. 

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Jenna Lyons as Mulan

This isn't a gown per se, but J.Crew's Jenna Lyons was giving us mega Mulan vibes in this kimono-esque suit look, complete with V-neck and obi belt. Working the red carpet may not be quite as life-threatening as battling the Huns, but anyone who's ever seen a photo pit knows those guys can be just as scary. And look! Even their hair's parted the same way. Adorable.

Reese Witherspoon as Princess Aurora

Reese Witherspoon was lovely, polished and very, very blonde at the Met Gala -- just like the second-hottest Disney princess (after Pocahontas), Aurora from "Sleeping Beauty." Both these ladies look radiant in pink (gowns and lipstick), and neither has a single curl out of place. The winged bodice on Witherspoon's otherwise simple Stella McCartney dress even remind us of the neckline on Aurora's. Let's just hope the Oscar winner  didn't get stuck by any pins during the fitting process. Mwahahahaha.

Joy Bryant as Princess Jasmine

When we first saw that she was at the Met Gala, the entire Fashionista office wondered aloud, "Where has Joy Bryant BEEN?" Well, now we have our answer: Off on a magic carpet ride with Aladdin, duh. (Also, she's apparently in the TV show "Parenthood.") No, Bryant's Marchesa dress isn't the most literal interpretation of Princess Jasmine's outfit we've ever seen (that honor goes to you, Kim K.), but the color's on point, and the Middle Eastern influence is definitely there. We only wish there were some avant garde curly toed shoes involved....

Michelle Monaghan as Pocahontas

Fringe-covered dress? Check. Turquoise-y pendant? Double-check. Barely-there sandals? Yeahhhh, baby. In this custom leather number by Altuzarra, actress Michelle Monaghan is practically a dead-ringer for everyone's favorite Virginia resident, Pocahontas. And while we have no way of knowing whether she's actually capable of painting with all the colors of the wind... we are pretty sure that last night, somewhere in the world -- there was a wolf crying out to the blue corn moon. And Michelle Monaghan definitely heard it.