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Nora's Cute Summer PJs

Because matching pajama sets make you a more legitimate person.

I started getting really into matching PJ sets last year, starting with a long-sleeved satin version from Victoria's Secret, and then a preppy, short pair from J.Crew. While wearing the latter on a recent trip to California to visit my brother, his roommate remarked, "You're, like, an actual, real person. Look at your pajamas!" Not gonna lie: It was a proud moment. 

Everyone knows it's preferable to sleep nude when it's hot out -- but sometimes, the circumstances just don't permit. That's why I'm planning to continue being a real (albeit, scantily dressed) person by wearing these adorable, heart-covered sleep things from Topshop all summer long. As far as I'm concerned, being nearly naked has never look so cute. 

Heart print PJ set, $40, available at Topshop

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