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A One Direction Fan's Ultimate Guide to the Band's Two Fragrances

Are you an "Our Moment" girl or a "That Moment" girl? Let me help you decide by making loads of One Direction references.

On Monday, One Direction, INTERNATIONAL BOY BAND SENSATION and Princes of My Heart, released the follow up to their sell-out fragrance, "Our Moment." "That Moment" promises to deliver a new twist on the original scent.

But what does that really mean? It can be confusing for a One Direction fangirl -- I refuse to use the word "Directioner," let's get that straight right now -- to know where to spend her hard-earned (hey, that bed isn't going to make itself) money. Are you an "Our Moment" girl, or a "That Moment" girl? It's as hard as choosing a favorite member (right now, in order: Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis -- since you asked).

Luckily, as Fashionista's resident One Direction expert, I'm here to help. I've bravely sampled the two fragrances and attempted to give One Direction fans a review of each in terms we can all understand. For the non-fans out there, I got the office to weigh in. 

Our Moment: The band's first foray into fragrance is an ode to the fans and a mash-up of the boys' favorite scents, featuring sweet notes like wild berries and fresh freesia over a base of creamy musk -- so, it's pretty saccharine. Reportedly the band was involved in every step of the process; I like to think Zayn and Liam argued over the top notes while Harry came up with the fluffy, tutu-looking topper.

Niall even says, "I've tested it on my family and they love it," which mostly just gives me a really great visual of him spraying dad Bobby Horan down with this sweet fragrance and sending him off to the pub smelling like pink grapefruit and frangipani. 

"Our Moment" is like Harry's pre-pubescent high note in "Gotta Be You" (which, bless him, he can no longer hit); it's Niall with braces; it's Louis wearing suspenders and cuffing his pants at the ankle; it's Liam's crinkly-eyed smile and self-professed "fear" of spoons; it's Zayn getting a comic-version tattoo of his fiancé.

If "Our Moment" was a One Direction girlfriend, it would be student Eleanor Calder, whose down-to-earth style and low-key long term relationship with Louis have made her something of an icon.

It's the photoshoot equivalent of the Wonderland cover, pastel sweaters, puppies and all. If "Our Moment" was a One Direction tattoo, it would be Liam's arrows (which represent the four other members of the band because they're brothers. ISN'T THAT SO SWEET I COULD DIE?!?).

The corresponding music video is definitely "One Thing," with the little moppets running around London in adorable matching outfits.

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Non-Fan Opinion: Nora said it smelled just like candy, and also looked at me like I was maybe insane when I said I would actually wear it. The rest of the office compared it to a super-sweet Victoria's Secret fragrance, and would buy it for a pre-teen girl in their lives. (Or, you know, me. #samediff)

That Moment: The follow up to the smash hit that was "Our Moment," "That Moment" takes the notes of the original and ~spices them up~ to make it even more special. 

Basically, they just added fresh fruit, like green apple and sparkling tangerine, and then layered some patchouli into the base. You can tell it's a slightly more "mature" version because the bottle's glass is frosted and the tutu cap has been replaced by a diamond.

"That Moment" is like Zayn hitting his high note in "You & I"; it's Single Liam, who just opened an Instagram and already stuffed it with selfies; it's Niall in a snapback playing a guitar on stage; it's Louis joining the Doncaster football team; it's Harry riding a motorcycle around Los Angeles (and adorably breaking down because come on Harry, a motorcycle, really?!).

If "That Moment" was a One Direction girlfriend, it would be Little Mix member Perrie Edwards, whose love of '90s fashion and constantly changing hair color made Zayn want to put a ring on it.

It's the photoshoot equivalent of British GQ, with black high-fashion looks and brooding faces (hate-tweets from the fans not included). If "That Moment" was a One Direction tattoo, it would be Louis's "Oops" tattoo because this band seriously needs to chill out with the ink and I just wanted to take a moment ("That Moment" ba-dum-tiss!) to say that.

The corresponding music video has got to be "Midnight Memories," where the group takes to the streets of London again to cause trouble (with grannies and kebabs, so not too much trouble because they're good boys and safe to bring home to your mom!!!).

Non-Fan Opinion: Frankly, most of the office agreed with a tweet that dubbed the scent "baby prostitute." I would still actually wear it. Sorry, NOT SORRY.


"Our Moment" and "That Moment" are now both available at Macy's and Ulta, as well as One Direction's site; prices range from $15 for shower gel to $59.50 for a 3.4 fl oz bottle. (Cost of owning One Direction's favorite scents: PRICELESS.)