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Need More Personal Space? There's a Dress for That

For when you absolutely have to piss everyone off during rush hour.

Anyone who has been on the New York City subway system -- or really, any public transit -- knows that personal space ceases to exist once you enter.

Well ladies, Hong Kong artist Kathleen McDermott has the solution for you: The Personal Space Dress. Thanks to sensors in the front and back of the dress, an umbrella-like mechanism expands the dress out when people get too close. It's not going to make you any friends during rush hour, but your personal bubble will be salvaged. 

The dress isn't commercial -- it's actually part of McDermott's "Urban Armor" series, which includes a hat that shields the wearer's face from CCTV footage (Solange, take note!), and a scarf that protects the wearer's mouth and nose when pollution levels are high. 

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McDermott put up instructions on how to make the Personal Space Dress on her website, so crafty folks, get crackin' and report back on how long it took for someone to angrily dump coffee on you during the morning commute. 

Hat tip: The Verge