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Former Chanel Makeup Creative Director Peter Philips Makes His Dior Debut

The makeup was understated and pretty.

Chanel's former makeup creative director,  Peter Philips, made his backstage debut last night in Brooklyn at the Dior 2015 cruise show. With his appointment, Philips effectively replaced two industry heavyweights at Dior: Former makeup creative director Tyen, who had the role since 1981, and Pat McGrath, who had created Dior's runway looks since the Galliano days. 

For his first Dior look, Philips, who's been known to bedazzle an eyebrow or two, kept things relatively simple. He kept the face and lips clean and neutral, only drawing attention to the eyes with a double flick. Philips used Dior Addict It-Liner, available this June, to create the look, adding false lashes to girls who needed them. 

The look was ultimately very clean, pretty, and light, which is kind of what you want when you're cruising the Mediterranean, right? We're looking forward to seeing if he pulls out the sequins for the spring show in September. 

Hat tip: Allure

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