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Fashion Is the Most Popular Pinterest Category on Thursdays

When Pinterest users start thinking about the weekend, they think about fashion.

We know by now that fashion is wildly popular on Pinterest -- more than 2 million pieces of fashion content are pinned each day alongside food, weddings, travel and other subjects women apparently like to organize onto personal inspiration boards. What we didn't know before is that fashion content is particularly popular on Thursdays: In fact, it's Pinterest's most popular category on that day of the week, the social network says.

The reason, according to Pinterest, has nothing to do with the publication of the New York Times's Thursday Styles section -- rather, a spokesperson says the company believes users are "more focused and motivated at the start of the week with fitness and inspirational quotes, but as the week progresses, they are thinking about fun plans for the weekend (and what they’ll wear) and future getaways with travel."

It's a small data point, but a potentially useful one for brands and publishers who want their images, videos and GIFs to get shared across the network. If you're thinking about creating a new fashion-themed board or posting a market slideshow, you may want to do it on a Thursday. Ditto to fitness-themed content at the start of the week.

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